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If you’ve ever had wax build-up in your ears, you know how frustrating it can get. It becomes hard to hear and when water finds a way to get inside it becomes even more uncomfortable. You can now find relief from this without having to visit your local doctor. This solution can be used in the comfort of your own home and it’s something you can do quickly. With Wax Vac you’ll be able to remove ear wax in addition to water easily and quickly.

Wax Vac Vs. Swabs

We all know how we aren’t supposed to use cotton swabs in the ears to clean them out, but still millions of people are using them. Cotton swabs are being placed too far in the ear ruining the ear canal and even causing damage to the ear drum. If there is damage done to the ear drum, hearing loss can occur and also other problems. However, the Wax Vac doesn’t enter anywhere near the eardrum. It’s gentle enough on your ears and prevents any type of harm. Cotton swabs push the wax further into your ears while the Wax Vac doesn’t. Instead it sucks away the ear wax making ears dry and clean.

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How Wax Vac Works

This device works by:

  • Removing water that accumulates in the ear drum after bathing or swimming
  • Removes ear wax from ear canals
  • Removes  ear wax quickly eliminating the need to stand in front of your mirror for 5 minutes
  • Removes ear wax rather than pushing it back into the ear
  • Removes all traces of wax

Who Can Benefit from Wax Vac?

Many people have a problem with an over accumulation of ear wax in their ear. In fact, this device can even be used on children as well. Children suffer with build up a lot more often. We all hate sticking cotton balls or cotton swabs in our ears and with the Wax Vac it can be a safer alternative that you can use to do the same job. This also helps eliminate trips to the doctor’s office.

Will the Wax Vac Get Dirty?

When you use cotton swabs to clean your ears, you notice that they become dirty instantly. However, with the Wax Vac, there’s a different way that is stays clean. Each one has 8 different colored silicone tips which can be changed out when needed. This means that ever family member can have a different color and this avoids infection and ear wax from transferring from one member to another. In addition, a small brush comes to help with cleaning the tips and remove built up wax.

Shedding Some Light

In addition to the many other features, the Wax Vac comes with a small examining light that is used in rooms that aren’t too bright. This makes sure the device gets the wax even in dim rooms or small children’s ears.

The Wax Vac gets the job done the right way and can prevent many injuries to the ears. The light makes it a handy device that people everywhere love. Getting rid of ear wax that can get trapped deep in the canal is no longer an issue, making this device something every household should have.